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Sep 27, 2018

Bulk Mail Services

Allegra’s bulk mail services are a fast, efficient way for you to obtain the lowest cost postage possible. We utilize the USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode system for first class or standard class mail. • Eliminate need to learn and understand postal regulations • Save significant amounts on postage • Track using the Intelligent Mail Barcode

Sep 08, 2018

Mailing Services

Avoid Wasted Mailing Costs Bad address data results in wasting money from printing and postage on mail pieces that aren’t delivered or are delivered to the wrong person. Our mailing services help reduce these wasted costs with CASS Certification, DPV, and NCOA address corrections. Mail Processing To present business mail as “bulk mail” in order

Jul 09, 2018

Finding New Customers Starting With Customer Analytics

Utilizing customer analytics increases the effectiveness of finding new customers by analyzing your current customers. Analytic tools find common demographic and behavioral characteristics of your customers. It then takes these common characteristics, identifying these same traits in people contained in a large database of U.S. consumers to create a customized market penetration analysis for a

Jul 09, 2018

New Customer Prospecting for HVAC Contractors

New customer prospecting is a constant struggle. To keep your company rolling, you have to cross sell your past customers for additional services while constantly searching for new customers. You are probably using a variety of methods to reach new customers, but may be searching for a more effective marketing plan. Effective marketing requires developing

Jul 06, 2018

More Effective New Patient Recruitment for Dentists

New patient recruitment…it’s a constant struggle for most dentists. Without an active development program, your practice may be shrinking. Many dentists use direct mail to attract new patients. That’s great! Direct mail is an effective resource for attracting new patients and retaining current ones. Unfortunately, many dentists are blindly blanketing the area around their office