Cutting-Edge Tech Boosts Direct Mail

digital marketing

DirectConnect™ is a technology platform that connects direct mail to online advertising, call tracking, mail tracking, and website visit tracking.
You can watch a video explaining the service HERE. The way people respond to direct mail has changed. Data shows that 90% of interested people now will visit a website before calling and of those, most will leave the website without taking action.

Connecting online advertising to your direct mail campaign engages the power of Google® and Facebook® ads to increase awareness, ad impressions, and action leading to improved results.

DirectConnect mails and tracks results for you; it tracks your online prospects and follows up with them through online advertising – automatically (it tracks your phone responses, too).

You get:

  • A fully optimized direct mail campaign
  • Automatic mail & call tracking
  • Automatic follow-up with digital advertising for your online prospects
  • A Dashboard allowing you to monitor your campaign progress daily…making it easy to prepare reports for Management

This combination of direct mail and digital technologies, including online advertising linked to your direct mail, can increase the return on investment in your direct mail campaigns by an average of 23-46%.

Learn more about how connecting online ads to direct mail can help you.