Gallup Says the Economy is Booming

gallup repport

Gallup’s October 2018 consumer survey reports that Americans believe the economy is booming, with 54% rating economic conditions as “excellent” or “good” and just 12% as “poor.” What’s more, 57% say the economy is getting better rather than worse. Great news for consumer confidence and the economic outlook for the country.

What about jobs? It’s a good time to find a quality job according to 68% of U.S. adults. Their perception of the job market is at its highest point since about 2012, tying the highest rating seen by Gallup since August 2001.
What does this mean for the St. Louis region? For companies that do business nationally, they should be seeing strong business growth.

On a more local level, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reports on business conditions in our region in its October 24, 2018 Beige Book:
• Manufacturing, agriculture and natural resources have improved since their previous report
• Consumer spending is mixed
• Employment and wages have slightly improved
• Construction and commercial real estate have weakened
• Bankers report good loan volume

So, nationally the economic news is great while here at home in St. Louis, it’s a mixed bag, but improving. Life is always better in a strong economy. We can help improve the outlook for your organization, just call.