Donor Development with DirectCONNECT®

digital marketing

Donor development and retention is crucial to assuring a strong financial position for most nonprofit organizations. Direct mail remains an important tool, despite the changes we’ve seen in how people want to communicate.

Is direct mail dying? The simple answer is NO. The only thing that has changed about direct mail is the way people respond to it. Over 90% of people now visit a website after receiving a direct mail piece that catches their attention. However, according to Google® Analytics, 96% of people will leave a website without taking any action.

That’s when the power of digital marketing kicks in by getting prospects BACK to that website…and it really works.


Once the mail is delivered to the Post Office, it’s tracked through their Intelligent Mail Barcode system until delivered to the home. With DirectConnect, you’ll see a report of the % of your mailing that was delivered by day, and to whom, so you don’t have to guess and hope.

Once someone visits your website, they receive a Google “cookie”, which then generates automatic follow-up advertising on the Google Display Network®. For Google, they’ll see text and image ads matching your campaign design.

For Facebook®, your mail list is matched against Facebook profiles. Ads will be displayed to this matched audience with the goal of driving them to your website.

Rather than obtaining a single impression for each mailing piece, the system can produce 5 to 10 or more impressions for each letter or postcard.

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