More Effective New Patient Recruitment for Dentists

patient recruitment

New patient recruitment…it’s a constant struggle for most dentists. Without an active development program, your practice may be shrinking. Many dentists use direct mail to attract new patients. That’s great! Direct mail is an effective resource for attracting new patients and retaining current ones. Unfortunately, many dentists are blindly blanketing the area around their office without a way to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts.

Now, traditional direct mail campaigns can be connected to online advertising and phone call tracking to improve performance, action and results. New patient recruitment is now easier and more effective, without utilizing more staff time.

For one dental office campaign, the number of new patients produced by this cross-channel or “connected” campaign nearly doubled compared to the practice’s more traditional direct mail program. New patients generated went from 7.8 per one thousand cards mailed to 14.4 per thousand. At a rate of 12,000 cards mailed per month, the campaign produced 560 web visitors being followed, 485,630 online ad views, and 264 clicks back to the website. Most importantly, it resulted in 173 new patients during the first quarter of the campaign. That’s a great ROI!

Effective marketing requires developing familiarity and awareness of a brand, something that both direct mail and the internet are very good at doing. The most effective new patient recruitment programs integrate direct mail with online advertising and tracking phone calls to monitor responses.

Here’s how it works: Each direct mail piece includes a web address for the prospect to visit for more information. Once someone visits that page, they pick up a cookie and then will see ads as they browse and encounter one of the Google® Display Network sites. This results in Impressions, increasing awareness and familiarity with the brand, and generating clicks to the website.

This same method is used for Facebook® and Instagram® advertising. For people on the mail list who are found to have matching Facebook and Instagram pages, usually 40-60%, advertisements will be displayed during their time on these social media sites, again generating impressions, familiarity and clicks to the website.

On top of the online advertising, inbound phone calls are tracked and recorded, producing reports on phone activity and allowing for quality assurance reviews of the inbound calls.

Effective modern marketing means using more than one channel to reach prospects. This program demonstrates results.

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