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Marketing Research

Have you been burned by being surprised by customer responses to new products? You thought you had a killer new product only to have it fall flat on its face?

Did a competitor price cut hit you between the eyes…and left you scrambling to try to stop customers from leaving?

Are you completely puzzled by the fact that customers don’t respond to your marketing messages?

Do you always have to be the lowest price vendor in order to win any business?

Market research can help eliminate many of these surprises. Introducing new products, setting new prices and designing marketing materials without conducting research into answering “why?” frequently leads to mistakes, lost time, lost money and a lot of grief. It’s a lot like shooting a gun at a target while your eyes are closed…your only chance of hitting the target is based on chance, not skill.

Allegra can help with a variety of research options at different prices based upon your needs and budget. You should ask yourself, “what’s my return on this investment in market research?” The answer is “what did it do to keep you from making a mistake?” Did it help you better understand “why” people made purchasing decisions? Did it help you to design more effective advertising and promotional materials…the kind that people notice and respond to? Did it help you to find a less price sensitive prospect? Did it give you a competitive edge?

Allegra can help with:

  • Brand positioning statement development
  • Competitive mapping
  • Competitor analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Mail surveys
  • PEST or environmental scans
  • Primary research
  • Sales support
  • Secondary research
  • Telephone interviews
  • Value analysis
  • Win/loss analysis