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Personalized URL (PURL)

Just as personalized direct mail increases response rates, so do Personalized URLs. A Personalized URL is a microsite web address created for a specific campaign that contains the recipient’s name within the URL, and as much personal information on page as is relevant. For example, the URL can be If you’re selling SUVs, the landing page can contain an image of the model of the vehicle last purchased in the same color along with a relevant message.

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How does a PURL work?

As with most effective direct marketing campaigns, it begins with the database. The list automatically generates the uniquely personalized URL for each individual. These personalized URLs are then included in the direct mail piece or email message and lead each recipient to their own “personal” page.

Can it help your business or nonprofit?

Personalized URLs can deliver highly personalized marketing messages while at the same time collecting and validating customer information (by including forms). Via the reporting functions contained within the marketing automation software, PURLs trigger real-time notifications and detailed reports of these microsite visitors allowing for immediate follow-up with prospective buyers (or donors).

Personalized URLs offer:

  • Improved response rates
  • Customized content being delivered in response to individual or demographic preferences
  • Engaging target audiences in a more meaningful conversation
  • Increased revenue

At Allegra, we can help design and deploy effective Personalized URL campaigns either in support of a direct mail or email project or as an element of a comprehensive marketing automation campaign.