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Mailing Services

You’ve put a lot of resources into developing your direct mail marketing materials. So, when it’s time to mail, you can rely on Allegra to provide fast, accurate, and reliable mail fulfillment. After all, the best direct mail piece is worthless if it doesn’t reach the intended recipient.

Whether your mail consists of postcards, stuffed envelopes, flyers, newsletters, and annual reports, or just about any size and shape dimensional piece, Allegra’s mailing facility can handle it fast and efficiently.

Avoid Wasted Mailing Costs

Bad address data results in wasting money from printing and postage on mail pieces that aren’t delivered or are delivered to the wrong person. Our mailing systems help reduce these wasted costs with CASS Certification, DPV, and NCOA address corrections.

Bulk Mail Services

Our bulk mail services are a fast, efficient way for you to obtain the lowest cost postage possible. We utilize the USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode system for first class or standard class mail.

  • Eliminate need to learn and understand postal regulations
  • Save significant amounts on postage
  • Track using the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)