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Customer Analytics

Boost Your New Customer Prospecting With Deep Customer Insights – The Key to Marketing Success

With 40-50% of direct mail success resulting from the list, you can’t afford to miss the mark. Yet, with an average 2% response rate for direct mail, that means 98% of the mail pieces are wasted. To be effective, the mail piece must go to the right person…the person most primed and interested in buying what you’re selling.

To make your prospecting more effective, first answer these questions:
• What is unique about your customers that led them to buy your product?
• Is it the right time for them to buy?

A thoroughly researched list (customer analytics) can provide you with guidance and even answers to some of these questions.

New Customer Prospecting

A “house” list consists of your current or active customers or donors, those already familiar with you company or brand. They have sufficiently positive feelings about your brand to have recently purchased.

This “House List” often serves as the best source for developing key insight into finding prospective new customers. Your House List (or donor) database can be utilized to match against a comprehensive U.S. database of businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C). Utilizing your House List for this analysis is called Customer Analytics. From this analysis, we generate a custom report defining a unique customer profile. Using this analytical report or customer profile, we carefully design lists of businesses or consumers with similar characteristics for more targeted and effective prospecting campaigns.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Up to 17 consumer elements can be identified including not only demographic, but behavioral characteristics including: Individual Age Bands, Children in Household (and ages), Estimated Net Worth, Investment Value, Interests (behavioral-based) and more.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Up to 15 business elements or demographic characteristics can be included: Annual Sales,
SIC Division, Employee No., Location Type, Non-Profit vs Business, Website URL, Owner/Renter,
Years in Business and more.

Reports include counts of “like-kind” prospects in your targeted geography. You then utilize this customer profile to target prospects that look like or act like your customers.

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