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Bulk Mail Services

Our bulk mail services are a fast, efficient way for you to obtain the lowest cost postage possible. We utilize the USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode system for first class or standard class mail.

  • Eliminate need to learn and understand postal regulations
  • Save significant amounts on postage
  • Track using the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)

Postal Indicias

The United States Postal Service offers mailing permit accounts as an alternative to postage stamps. Holders of these accounts are given a permit number indicia. The indicia indicates “Postage Paid” and the cost of your mailing is deducted from your account on the basis of weight and standardization of the mailing. At Allegra, we can print your indicia on your mail piece, or if you do not have a mailing permit account, utilize ours.

Postal Processing
Our team of mailing experts will process your mailing list to ensure the maximum number of pieces are delivered. This process will identify recipients with a national change of address on file as well as eliminate bad addresses.

Traying, Bagging and Tagging
In order to receive postage discounts, mailings must be sorted into USPS trays (or bags for flats) and tagged with appropriate delivery codes. At Allegra, we are familiar with the USPS regulations regarding sorting, traying, and tagging mail so you don’t have to be. In addition, our fulfillment center has the equipment and capacity to accommodate large, bulky mailings.

Business Mail Presentation
A trip to the Business Mail Entry Unit dock at the USPS can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Each mailing is carefully inspected by the USPS and will be rejected if specific criteria is missing. At Allegra, our mail fulfillment staff regularly presents mail to the BMEU. We know how to navigate this maze so you don’t have to.