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One of the most effective tools of direct marketing is direct mail advertising. This communication channel is targeted, personal, flexible, measurable, easy to produce and cost-effective. Also known as direct response marketing, the U.S. Postal Service reports that direct mail is read by 77% of adult consumers. Add to that the fact that 85% of households sort their mail every day(1), and it’s clear that direct mail marketing can get you noticed.

The Impact of Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising has never been more effective. Why else would digital leaders including Google and Facebook embrace it in their own marketing programs? 40% of consumers say they have tried a new business after receiving direct mail, and 73% say they prefer printed mailings over emails to learn about new products and services or offers from companies they know. (2)
• 80% of all U.S. adults have responded to direct mail.
• 54% of U.S. Households read, looked at, or set aside for later reading, their letter-sized enveloped direct mail pieces in 2011. For larger than letter-size envelope mail, 67% did the same. USPS “Household Diary Study,” 2012.
• 84% of Generation X and Y read and keep direct mail (there is more to life than the smart phone).
• When evaluating products or services, Buyers highly prefer direct mail (69%) over email (28%) or phone (3%).
• Most telling of all, while email response rates have declined sharply in the past six years, direct mail response rates are holding strong. (3)

We have deep experience in converting junk mail into highly successful advertising programs. Also known as direct response marketing, direct mail advertising is effective not only in prospecting for new leads, but in helping to keep customers coming back for more. We’ll handle the program from the initial research and design phase, through production and mailing. By handling projects from beginning to end, we not only save you time, but to make certain that the project is produced on time and meets your quality standards.

How Do You Create A Successful Direct Mail Campaign?

• 40-50% of a campaign’s success is due to the list or target audience. Not only do we have access to lists targeted to specific demographics, but also to people’s behavior that could be relevant to their buying behavior. We also offer a customer research program where we analyze your customer list (house list) and identify key characteristics of your best customers. Knowing these characteristics can then lead us to help you find more “best” customers.
• 30% of a campaign’s success is due to the offer. It often isn’t about a price discount. Many times, a successful offer can be a free test, special insight or access not offered to everyone, or an upgrade.
• 20% is due to the creative, both graphic design and copywriting. Impactful design combined with a story that relates to the reader help them to understand how your product or service fits into their lives. They often want to know that real people were happy with your product and service.

Cross-Channel or Multi-Channel Marketing

Advertising or promoting to your audience in more than one way is more effective than depending upon a single channel such as mail, email or a website. The improvement in response rates can be dramatic when utilizing two or more channels. Investing in advertising through more than one channel can provide you with dramatically higher returns.

Cross-Channel Response Rates

Would you like to learn more? Our booklet The Ultimate Direct Mail Marketing Guide offers proven tips and techniques that you can use today to improve the response and returns from your direct mail advertising project.

Using your house file, Allegra’s profiling tool takes your customer database and matches it against a comprehensive database of businesses or consumers to create a custom analysis for you. The report provides a customized profile containing both key demographic and behavioral data that can be used to generate a prospect list with similar characteristics.

  • Save time and money – Gain important information about your customers and markets quickly and easily without investing your own time or resources.
  • Minimize waste – By “cloning” your best customers, you eliminate the expense and waste that comes when you miss the mark with a broad target.
  • Increase your ROI – Targeting high-probability prospects improves the odds of making a sale.

Sharpen your insight into your current customers to segment your audiences for more relevant marketing messages that drive purchase. Ask us about Allegra CustomerCLICKTM.

We would love to be your St. Louis Direct Mail Agency. Call us to learn how we can combine our deep knowledge and experience in direct mail marketing with technology to help you obtain new customers, keep more customers or, for nonprofits, raise more money.

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(1) Epsilon Target, 2011 Consumers Channel Preference Study, December 2011
(2) International Communications Research Study, 2012
(3) Direct Marketing Association, 2012 Response Rate Report