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Marketing Tools

Since we’ve been teaching marketing for a number of years, we are constantly reading books and articles that we believe you may find interesting. Marketing services and consulting begin with helping customers understand the interrelation of the complex elements of economics and psychology when developing marketing strategy. Below are links to some of the most interesting or timely articles we’ve seen in our readings. Please let us know what you like and don’t like. What would you like to see more of? If you would like to see more on marketing, click here for my Smart Marketing Blog.

6 Essential Tips for Ads That Get Results
Advertising Media Planner: A Primer
Let’s Get Visible: How To Start Your First Advertising Campaign
Smart Questions: What To Look For In An Ad Agency

Direct Marketing
5 Ways to Double Direct Mail Response
4 Direct Mail Tactics That Are Working Right Now

Current Economic Conditions (Federal Reserve Beige Book) for St. Louis

A Little Help From Your Friends
How Do Marketing Plans Work?
Inspire People to Talk About You
Milking Customer Loyalty
The Ries Report (one of the world’s leading marketing strategists)
Twelve Tips for Writing Better Marketing Brochures

Case Study: Finding the Right Price For a Hot Product
Pricing: How Low Can You Really Go?

Public Relations
Get Free or Low-Cost Publicity

Raising Money (ok, this only indirectly involves marketing)
Need Funding? Better Get Creative
Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR)>
Understanding Small Business Administration (SBA) Financing