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Business to Consumer Marketing

The explosion in use of the internet has forced marketers to abandon mass marketing and instead become micro-marketers. To remain successful, large and small businesses must increasingly focus their attention on narrow target audiences. Frequently, these audiences aren’t defined by their demographics, but more on behavior.

Personalized or 1:1 Marketing

Micro-marketing requires developing a thorough knowledge of your customer’s needs, wants and desires. What irritates them? What pleases them? Most people are looking for help in making good decisions. It requires skill, experience, analytical and technological skill, deep marketing knowledge and operational competence.

In a 2009 article “Direct Disconnect: Retailers Neglect Valuable Data Trove”, Forrester reported that only 10% of consumers feel the direct mail they receive is relevant, while just 7% believe e-mail marketing is relevant. Data is the key to creating relevant messaging. Retailers have access to data that is transactional, behavioral, demographic and attitudinal to customize communications. Because most retailers are failing to utilize this data, consumers are receiving 3 and 4 emails a week containing useless, unwanted information and offers.

So, how do you structure your messaging? Most business leaders think that brand loyalty has disappeared and, as a result, have redoubled their messaging, believing that more information broadcast more frequently will improve their chances of selling to distracted consumers.

For many consumers, this rising tide of marketing messages is overwhelming…causing consumers to disengage. Extensive research has shown that the single most important variable for building “stickiness” is decision simplicity. (1)

People want easy options for researching how a product or service meets their specific needs. They want an honest and easy way to compare competitive products. They want trustworthy sources for evaluating the opinions of others, just like them, who have utilized the products. They want a simple format for helping them to choose the “best” option for them.

We possess extensive experience in developing effective, engaging content and incorporating it into your sales literature, website, email and social media programs. We utilize these materials in multi-channel communications fine-tuned with research and analysis. Bringing these skills together in one place can make your job easier and more successful. Talk to us about how we can benefit from our advanced tools, skills and experience you need to reach out and touch your consumer.

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(1) Spencer, P; Freeman, K; To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple; Harvard Business Review May 2012