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B2B Marketing Agency

Allegra has extensive expertise as a B2B Marketing Agency. Successful business to business marketing requires building customer relationships through planning and execution. Just as in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Customers want to be contacted just the right number of times: not too much and not too little.

Business customers expect:

• Suppliers to be subject matter and solution experts. (1)
• To have intimate knowledge of how their offering compares with competitors’.
• To provide information on how a product or service will make a difference in the Customer’s business. (2)

McKinsey (2) found that the two most destructive behaviors to developing a strong relationship with a business customer are:
1. Failing to possess adequate product knowledge, and
2. Contacting customers too frequently.

As a B2B Marketing Agency, we help you to communicate your knowledge and expertise without going too far? First, communicate via multiple channels. People get tired of a constant stream of telephone calls and emails. Second, provide information that is useful and demonstrates a deep knowledge not only of your product offering, but of how your offering compares to competitors and how it can impact the customer (or prospect).

Don’t use a shotgun approach: what works well for one type or segment of customer is not likely to work as well for another. Customize the messaging for the specific audience (micro-marketing). Would you like to know more about your current, “best” customers in order to help you find more just like them? Call us to learn about our Customer Analytics program.

What can Customers find useful? Information that they can utilize to improve or solve a problem such as best practices white papers, research reports, case studies, and cost or revenue calculators. Make it personal and relevant to their business and job.

We combine extensive expertise in multi-channel communications with research and analysis. Bringing these skills together in one place can make your job easier and more successful. Talk to us about how you can benefit from our advanced tools, skills and experience you need to reach out and touch your consumer.

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(1) Kreindler, P; Rajguru, G. What B2B Customers Really Want. Harvard Business Review. April 2006

(2) Boaz, N; Murnane, J; Nuffer, K. The Basics of Business-to-Business Sales Success. McKinsey Quarterly May 2010.