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Assisted Living Facilities

For Assisted Living Facilities located around St. Louis, and not in sunny Arizona or Florida, marketing is focused on being local. Marketing’s goal is to continuously produce inquiries from family members and adult children of prospective residents.

Many ALFs successfully navigated the Great Recession and have regained their financial stability. However, ALFs continue to be challenged by:
• Mixed use facilities with independent living, assisted living and memory care in a single property
• Price pressure due to the continuing difficulty in the real estate market as well as low to no wage increases for family members

ALF opportunities
• High quality care translates to referrals
• Internet marketing has become an essential tool, in combination with traditional media, in communicating with the press and public
• The number of Baby Boomers needing alternatives to living at home continues to grow

What should an ALF spend to generate prospects? It depends on their desired return on investment (ROI).

Marketing Investment

Keeping beds filled is typically the most important objective for marketing staff, requiring them to constantly prospect for new residents. Effective lead generation depends on clearly identifying the target audience most likely to convert into a resident:
• Senior citizens that live nearby, often within 3-5 miles of the facility, as well as their adult children and friends.
• Other influencers, such as
o Caregivers or Loved Ones
o Faith-based groups
o Local aging and adult service organizations
o Social workers
o Independent living centers
o Home Care Agencies

What should be your marketing budget?

Value of a Resident

How does a marketer find prospects?
• A website optimized for local search
• Outdoor signage
• Direct mail lists optimized for the audiences’ key demographic and behavioral characteristics (identify key characteristics of “best” customers and pursue similar people)
• Social media pages and postings to tell resident and family stories and to communicate events
• Integrated communication campaigns connecting direct mail with the website and social media

What’s the “right” media mix and message? Call Allegra to talk about what might be best for you. We have extensive experience and would love to help you improve your results. Contact Kevin Haines at 314.795.2046 or email (email ).