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Service Grant Program

Allegra is again offering the opportunity to provide you with free or pro bono work on a 2018 project. Community support is a core value for our agency. That’s why every year we offer this program to the nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations in the St. Louis, Missouri region.

Through the years, the value of our donated services has amounted to over $180,000 for organizations in St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri. For 2018, we’re expanding our service grant program to include 501(c)3 organizations in Madison/Monroe/St. Claire counties in Illinois.

We’ve helped with creative projects (that we love) such as designing new brand identities, newsletters, website design, direct mail pieces, event programs and marketing collateral.

Being not only creative, we have our own production facilities, which has allowed us to donate printing and mailing services where that has been the most critical service to help the organization.

How might our 2018 free service program help strengthen your development and marketing communications? There are limits to what we can offer, so we reserve the right to select those projects where we believe we can provide the greatest impact on our community.

If you think we might be able to help you, but you need to learn more, please call. Otherwise, complete the enclosed application form and mail or fax to us.


The objective of Allegra’s service grant program is to help boost the performance of your donor development and donor nurturing programs. We offer these grants to enhance your ability to achieve your mission.

There is a limit to the free services that we can provide this year, so contact us now at (314) 429-4848 to discuss your 2018 needs.